GAWKER: Arrest Climate-Change Deniers

The totalitarian, authoritarians, “progressives,” anti-freedom, and anti-liberty brigade at published an article today with the title “GAWKER: Arrest Climate-Change Deniers”.

It is difficult to know where to begin, but the idea that “bad ideas” – as determined by some all powerful group – should be criminalized is ludicrous and would be the end of a free society.


Kobe Bryant: Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right?

According to Kobe stated: "I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if … [Continue reading]

Paul Krugman – “Bitcoin is Evil,” defends legacy currencies and legacy central banks

For once, Paul Krugman is right that bitcoin (or as he says "BitCoin" - Krugman usually has trouble with both details and the big picture) is evil. (See NYTimes.)  Evil, that is, if you are an authoritarian statist who believes that it is commendable … [Continue reading]